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With access to business angels and VC's, the aim of Divus is to specialise in two distinct areas, specifically these are local businesses in the South-West of the UK and technology start-ups.



The professionals at Divus have been involved with every aspect of starting, running and selling an organisation, as well as buying and starting businesses.  As such we have a broad and diverse skillset that can help any transform any area of your business.  This ranges from assistance in building a business plan, advice on company valuations, pitfalls to avoid when selling your company and also how to generate interest and raise capital.


In addition we offer operational assistance; such as go-to-market assessments, budgeting and cashflow planning, development process reviews and advice and recommendations on offshore development.

Experienced in the acquisition process, we can assist in areas such as market valuations, contract negotiations, mediation and dispute resolution, due diligence and general advice and support.


As a trusted advisor, we do not charge for an initial consultation and thereafer offer felexible solutions that can include flat fees/day rates, lump sum, success payments, etc.